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You may not be seen, you may not be heard, you may not be understood, and you may not even be liked.

But none of that matters as much as living true to yourself. Living in a way that fulfils you, honours your soul, gives you meaning and joy, and keeps you inspired.

We think that the first sentence is the answer to happiness, and it is a good guideline for relationships, but none of that matters if you don’t first have that connection to yourself and live from that place.

The sun does not ask for approval before it…

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I’ve never been a really big fan of New Year’s. It’s cliche, resolutions never stick, and from experience I’ve come to believe it’s over-rated. What New Years is supposed to represent I never really got out of it.

My life didn’t instantly change on the first day of the new year, and often times not even for the weeks or months after. NYE never felt special and I’ve never really cared, even as someone who believes in the power of self development and change.

Then I went to Burning Man and got the experience of what NYE is trying so…

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We have become exceptional experts at making excuses for not doing what we love and instead putting up with sh*t we hate.

Our excuse usually involves security, comfort or a safe future we’re preparing for that involves some justified suffering in the current moment. And for some reason, this is normal rather than wholeheartedly following what lights each one of us up.

In Joseph’s Campbell’s work on mythology and his concept of “following your bliss”, Campbell contends that what stops us from pursuing our passions is our biggest enemy, the dragon.

Every person has their own dragon and it’s made…

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Freedom is an innate craving for all humans. Freedom to think, act, feel and believe authentically. Freedom to use your time to do what you please, express yourself, associate with who you wish, and live in the places you choose.

It doesn’t seem like a lot to ask, but in the past is has been. Over the last few centuries we have progressed in creating more equality in the world but in some ways we are less free than ever.

While humanity is more accepting of difference, humans are actively selling out their space and time at a fraction of…

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This morning I woke up in some dull chronic back pain. Nothing unusual, but enough to grab my attention.

It was giving me brain fog which, as a writer, blocks my art entirely. Brain fog is the enemy so finding the root cause is essential if I want to (try to) write great things today. I’m sure this is the case for many other creative pursuits.

When I was younger, I used to wonder why adults had back pain and mope about it all the time. Now I can finally see why.

We automate so many aspects of our lives…

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Long ago I told you,

Our love is like a tree

And at the start of two beautiful years

We planted a seed

In the middle of the desert

We sat under fluorescent lights

And looked into each other’s eyes

That’s when I first told you I loved you

And I did every second of our time.

We wrote an epic tale

And rode some epic waves

But one day

You bowed to fear and caved

Despite years of always

Finding a way.

When did you stop loving?

When did you let the magic go?

When did you stop giving?

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Maybe you had a spring break holiday planned for the Mexican sun or maybe you were hoping to catch the tail end of winter and ski some fresh powder in the Rockies. Maybe you were planning on surfing in Hawaii or immersing yourself in the cultures of Southeast Asia.

Whatever your travel plans were for March, April and possibly even May, chances are they’ve probably changed.

These cancellations can be devastating. Travel enthusiasts, outdoor explorers, and digital nomads know how important adventures are for the soul. Especially those you plan for months, maybe even years.

The virus pandemic has paused…

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“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting” — Paul Coelho

When I think of my time in California, I think of fuchsia coloured sunsets, dancing on the rolling hills of San Bernardino, listening to electronic music in the moonlight, and in love with the moment I was living. I knew I was living in a deja vu.

Because this moment, this trip, it was also all born out of a dream, my dream.

A special friend of mine sent me The Alchemist as a birthday gift in Fall of 2017. It was one of those books that had popped up in my scope a lot the summer before and I…

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There is something romantic about being a free spirit — traveling the world, living out of a backpack, being eccentrically different, and swimming against the current. Being a free spirit looks great on Instagram too — van lifers, world roamers and photos of beautiful destinations. But I’m afraid to break it to you: it’s not always about living in a groovy van, wearing cool boho pants, and being vegan. Like anything, being a free spirit has a catch and that catch is that it’s not glamorous at all.

What appears to be an exciting and adventurous life also faces much…

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The benefits of meditation have been sweeping the world in recent years. Popular apps like Headspace and Calm show that humans are incorporating meditation into their daily lives.

What was once a mystified Eastern practice has become a new way for the regular Joe to find calm and re-connect to him or herself in an incredibly busy world. Meditation is so widely accepted now as a helpful heath regime that you may even be prescribed it by your doctor.

When I started meditating, or at least attempting too, I thought what the majority of us think when we start this…

Claudia Healey

Living Deeply ~ Writer of wellness, creativity, adventure, and poetry. Also a freelance content developer, copywriter, and photographer.

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